So, you have heard the news. Nu-Da have created the world's first heated jackets that follow fashion trends! Sounds impressive, right? We think it is, but still wondering exactly how everything works? No worries, pull up a chair and we will explain everything…


Watch the Nu-Da Video for more details on our jackets and battery HERE


Quick Start Guide 

Step 1: Turn the battery on. 

Step 2: Plug jacket DC cable into the battery, place battery in the pocket, and zip up to secure.

Step 3: Hold the jacket LED button for 1-2 seconds to power on (Jacket is now in preheating mode - 5 minutes roughly). You can then cycle through the three heat settings for your desired level of warmth, by pressing the LED button.

See full product manual HERE


Carbon Fibre Heating Technology 

We have integrated high-quality heating technology into our jackets. There are three carbon fiber heating elements within the lining - left chest, right chest, and mid-back. These heating elements are flexible and undetectable when wearing. There are three heating setting - low, medium and high. 


LED Button 

Hidden inside the jacket, on the left side of your chest is a little square button - holding this button down allows you to switch the jacket on/off, and also cycle through the three heating options. 

HIGH HEAT – Red light
MEDIUM HEAT – White light
LOW HEAT – Blue light


Rechargeable Battery 

Nu-Da's rechargeable 10,050 wAh 12 volt battery is the source of your warmth, and it remains a secret due to our tried and tested placement choice. The battery sits discreetly inside the jacket, undetectable from the outside, and in a spot where you can't feel it too. But the perks don’t stop there. To make it even more convenient, we have developed the battery so it doubles as a phone charger! 


We now offer a free battery worth A$99 with every jacket order!


Vegan-Friendly Material

We are proud to be using vegan-friendly materials at all points of manufacturing in Nu-Da products. We respect all fellow living creatures equally and not a single one was harmed in the creation of our jackets. We believe you have a choice to make when you select the clothes you buy. By choosing well, you can help us make a difference in the world.