Nu-Da The Label

The idea behind Nu-Da was first sparked walking down Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Melbourne in the middle of winter discussing the weather (as you do). The thought pattern was as follows: its cold, no I mean really freaking cold, wish they would invent a heated jacket, what this already a thing? Ew no they are ugly... wait a second... bam Nu-Da. 

Since then Crystal (the founder) has made it her mission to find a product that she is confident in. Through months of research, vigorously testing, including the heating elements and battery - we are proud to bring the Nu-Da brand to market. Confident in what we have created. 

Nu-Da is made for everyone, everywhere. Guys and girls, dressed-up or dressed-down, Nu-Da keeps you warm, whether you are on your way to work or heading out on the weekend. Strolling around the markets with a burrito? Sitting outside at a bar with a cocktail but no heater? Rocking a cute dress at a day/night festival? Nu-Da has you covered (literally) and the weather no longer has to determine the dress code. SEE ALL PRODUCTS HERE.

This is only the beginning for Nu-Da. Yes, its a small 5 piece collection to start, but trust when we say BIG things are coming.  This release will completely revolutionize the way the fashion industry thinks about winter style. Nu-Da makes bulky layers redundant and heavy clothing unnecessary, meaning dressing well and looking good over the colder months is about to become easier.